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    Special Program: VIP Days Coaching

    If you've ever looked at coaching programs, you know that those who could use the guidance often can't sign up. Whether it's timing or financing, it just doesn't seem to work for them over a series of sessions. 

    However, I've come up with a solution. What I offer here is a coaching style that's not as well known. I'm talking about VIP Days. This program dramatically shortens the coaching process without sacrificing much in outcomes, and comes in at a reasonable cost.

    Watch my video below for more info. You'll note that I mention a March deadline at one point. However, this program is open now to all interested. 

                                     Watch the Video !

    Quality is Maintained

    I've paired this coaching process with my Pathway to Progress content and adapted the material to offer top level training. Over the course of one concentrated day, six hours of focused one-to-one coaching, you'll get: 

    Accelerated training on the four business disciplines: Knowledge, Solutions, Applications and Promotions. 

    Specialized attention on personal performance factors to help you discover more of your excellence.

    The end result gives you the strength of the P2P program delivered in a single day and devoted to improving your abilities in the workplace. And I think you'll find the cost factors interesting.

    Costs Come Down !

    The normal cost for a program of this type can reach $580.80 at usual rates. To bring the price down, I am offering it here on the website at the P2P Platinum Level price of $292.80.

    But I'll go one step further. To make this program more attractive, I'll lower the rate even further, a group rate of $96.80 per-person, when two or more people participate in the same session. So grab some friends and check it out.

    To get instant access, click the button below. You'll go to my Thank You page where you can choose the best program for you.