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Pathway to Progress

Uncover the Powerful Processes 
In this Interactive Program 
To Unlock more of Your Potential

Do you know that you are not in business to offer a product, provide a service, or practice your expertise? You are in business for one reason, to use your knowledge and skills to transform people's lives. 

That is the purpose for your business, or anybody's business for that matter. Your reason for doing what you do is to provide your customers with the solution to their problems and improve their lives.

As you offer your solutions, regardless of the product or service you provide, you take your customers from where they are when they come to you to where they want to be when they leave. 

How successful have you been in reaching that goal? As with any business owner, yours truly included,  there's always room for improvement. That's what this program is about, and there's only one way I know to ratchet up the growth.

This Program Will Move You 
Forward and Stretch Your Vision.

Each of my Pathway to Progress programs is a power-packed presentation designed to deliver impact and effect change. Think of what it would be like to have your vision stretched, your imagination challenged, and your ideas energized.  

At whatever level you engage in the program, you will find your performance improving, your outlook enhanced and your prospects expanding. How far you want to go is all up to you. You decide how much success you want to pursue. 

You'll Build a Specific 
Strategy to Reach your Clients

In my Pathway to Progress program you'll receive targeted training, based on your personal business focus, in four strategic categories: 
  • Knowledge: This is about your professionalism, and how you apply your expertise. We'll work on establishing you as a Master Practitioner and on fully unlocking your personal excellence.
  • Solution: Every customer comes to you with only two requests. They will have a problem they want you to solve, or they will have a dream they want you to fulfill. Sometimes it will be both. We'll work on helping you build solutions that will effectively deal with their problem or make their dream a reality.
  • Application: This is the process you put in place where you deliver your solution to the customer. How well you put this system together, whether it's hands-on or virtual, will have a lot to do with how you construct the Mission, Vision and System for your business. We'll work on putting together those three key building blocks with precise definitions.
  •  Promotion: As a business strategy, the importance of Promotions has increased dramatically. The two main elements of Promotion, advertising and branding, are crucial. However, branding by far ranks as the most important. We'll focus on developing a brand image that is accurate, authentic and memorable.

You'll Develop a 
Precise Picture of your Customer(s)

You should have a precise picture of the customer(s) you want to serve, those who will receive your transformation package. 

Your ideal customer is the one you prefer, the  one you see yourself working with successfully. You must have a clear picture of who they are, what they do, and where they live. 

They will be agreeable to hearing your story and will prefer to work with you. Keep in mind the 80/20 Rule that says you will derive 80% of your income from 20% of your customers. You'll want that 20% to be the exact customers you prefer.

You Choose the Level of 
Success You Want to Pursue!

From my own experience, I know that while my Pathway to Progress, P2P, program may be just what you're looking for, your capability to connect with the program can vary for any number of reasons. 

That's why I created three different levels to connect with my program. They allow you the flexibility to choose the one most appropriate for your circumstances, and that best meets your needs. Each level contains quality content and teaching.
  • Silver Level #1:  Connect with the program at the weekly Membership Rate.
  • Platinum Level #2:  Start at my own pace with the online course at the Virtual Rate.
  • Gold Level #3:  Work directly with Rick in one-to-one coaching at the Discount Rate.
  • NEW !!! Check this out!!! I just added Pathway to Progress VIP Days, a special, concentrated, one-day coaching session to my P2P product offerings. For more info click here, or on the link below !

When you Select the Silver Level...

At the Silver Level, you'll start with my 10-week online program. Each week, you'll begin a new tutorial that will guide you through the next step in the program. 

As each of the 10 weeks unfolds, you will develop a clear picture of where you've been with your business, and where you're really headed. From there, you will be better able to break free from limiting patterns and find new levels of success.

Cost of this progressive program is $9.68 per week. You'll pay week by week for as long as you want to engage with the program.  Click the link below to connect at the Silver Level. Contact me directly at: rick.stecker@groundstogrow.com.
with your questions, 

When you Select the Platinum Level...

At the Platinum Level, Pathway to Progress is available for you to engage at your own pace, walking through four modules that will deliver all the  benefits of the program, along with additional bonus material. 

This level is available to those who want to take a faster path toward the goals they're looking to achieve. You'll break limiting patterns, add new strategies, and find new ways to engage with your customers.

Full cost of this program is $387.60, but if you connect here through my website your cost will be only $296.80. You choose whether to go through the program in a few days, or in a few weeks.

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When you Select the Gold Level...

At the Gold Level, I offer direct personal access to me for up close, one-to-one coaching with my Finding Your Balance program.

This is my premier eight-session program where I take you step-by-step through Pathway to ProgressYou'll receive personal attention, laser-focused to your specific needs. 

Your cost for this level would normally run $774.40, but join me here through my P2P site and I'll discount your cost to $496.80Due to the personal nature of the program, we'll make payment arrangements during your initial no-cost strategy session. 

To contact me, click on over to my Finding Your Balance page and enter your info in the Contact Box. Or send me a direct email at rick.stecker@groundstogrow.com, to alert me to your intention. I will respond. We'll schedule that no-cost strategy session to make sure the program is right for you and then map out your path to progress. 

Select the program above that's right for you, and click the link to start the process. You'll find more information about the level you want to engage with, plus some additional free bonus material that you can take with you just for your interest.

It's Always Your Choice...
        Contact Rick Stecker, Grounds to Grow Coaching, at rick.stecker@groundstogrow.com. Or you can call 715-432-1209