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Welcome to:
'Build Your Brand in a Weekend'

Attention Business Owners and Entrepreneurs:

Here's your chance to upgrade the one thing that has 
the strongest and longest lasting impact on your business.

To do it right brings success.
To get it wrong leads to letdown.

Have you been looking for a way to make your business more successful? Would you jump at the chance right now to improve profitability, no matter how well your business is doing?

There’s not much room for error out there in the marketplace. Margins between making it, or muffing it, still run mighty thin.

Your only real option is to continue moving forward as best you can, and you know that's a tough road. What can you do to get better? What systems can you upgrade?

Most likely, you’ve stretched everything as far as it will go. There just isn’t room for any more tweaking. So what do you do now? How about looking at your Brand !

Brand Says it All

   Joe Calloway, noted brand expert and    business author, talks about the           importance of branding this way: “Brand goes beyond product," he says. "Your brand is the same thing as your job. Your brand is the experience your customers have with you."

To Improve Your Success,
Bring Your Brand into Better Focus. 

Your Brand is the one thing, I will say, that you didn't think about when you thought about what to improve in your business. (Don’t worry. I didn’t either, at first!) Your Brand, however, has the power to attract the singular success you seek. 

Your Brand is ultimately your business signature, and you must manage it as carefully as anything you do, maybe even more so, which makes it extremely important that you get it right.

To correctly represent your business, your Brand must communicate both who you are and what you do. There should be no variation between the two. Your customers will identify any disconnect. 

In short, your Brand is everything you do that tells your customers who you are, that you will solve their problems, and that they can trust you. Watch this short video on Branding Essentials taken from my Build Your Brand Series.

To Deliver Impact, 
Your Brand Must be Authentic

To genuinely connect who you are with what you do, your brand must be seen as authentic. That means it must reflect a valid picture of your business. Even so, truth be told, your Brand probably gets less attention than it deserves. 

To create an authentic brand calls for it to be powered by three of the most essential energizers of your own business identity:
  • Your Belief, in what you do and who you are. This involves telling your “Story.”
  •            Your Energy, that is, your motivation for your work. This definitely involves your “Passion.”

  • Your Purpose, or your Why for doing your business. This ultimately involves your client “Perception.”

At first, you might think, "What do those three things have to do with building a brand?"

Research, however, says different. Entrepreneur.com  declares that to do branding well, you have to know: first, who you are; second, who you want to be; and third, who people perceive you to be.

Your brand, the article went on to say, is your promise to the customer. A promise, I might add, that needs to be kept. In Build Your Brand in a Weekend, we'll build one that will be easy for you to keep. 

I can help you add impact to your Brand pictureI can help you build your Brand into the powerhouse it has the potential to become. And, as amazing as it may sound, I can help you do it in a weekend. 

'Build Your Brand in a Weekend' 
Digs Deeper to Find the Gold! 

I put together Build Your Brand in a Weekend from what I saw as a need to radically change the picture when it came to small business operations.

I saw owners and entrepreneurs who were stuck, sluggish, and who found it hard to gain traction. Oftentimes, the reason seemed to be a scattered approach to building an effective Brand.

My bootcamp-style, weekend training will give you a crash course in Brand building. You'll find it will act both as a drill-down operation and a paradigm shift. We're 'going for the gold' here.

You'll receive tons of information in big gulps, which you can apply immediately or use later in your ongoing Brand development. Most important, you'll walk away with a solid picture of your revitalized Brand identity.

I will take you through the steps that will help you properly manage your Brand so that you’re getting the maximum effect from its potential.

During your weekend, we’ll look at the essentials of making a Brand, including:

  • What your Brand is, and what it isn’t !
  • What comprises the core elements of a Brand !
  • How you build a Brand from the ground up !

We’ll also talk about the one characteristic your Brand must have in order for it to succeed. And as we finish, we’ll fill in the gaps. Together, we’ll devise the Brand that will ultimately re-establish your presence in the marketplace with renewed energy and vitality. 

Join Me for the Next 
'Build Your Brand in a Weekend'

My next BYBW will be in January 2015

I schedule four Build Your Brand in a Weekend sessions per year. I'll hold the next one in January 2015. If you want to get in on the program, it's important to get involved as soon as you can. Here's why.

Build Your Brand in a Weekend is an in-person seminar that provides laser-focused attention. To get the best from this concentrated approach class size is limited. I've set max attendance for the weekend at six participants.

This program is for business owners and entrepreneurs who love their work, and who want to take their businesses to the next level.

You might also take the class if you work for someone else and recognize that you too are a personal Brand. You understand that increasing your Brand power will leverage your earning power. 

Click Below To Enroll in the Next 
'Build Your Brand in a Weekend' 

The full cost for this intensive program would normally run $1161.60. You may have seen full costs for similar seminars ranging from $1200 to as much as $2500. 

However, those who offer such programs, if they're interested in their clients' welfare, and most are, discount their prices 50% to 60% so those who need the program can get the program. Well, I'm interested in your welfare.

Right now, I'm discounting the full price of my BYBW program by 70% for a cost of $348.48That's a big $813.12 off the full price. So, if my program looks to you like it can add power to your performance,  it's time for you to click the Access Button below. 

And to make it even easier, I've also put a two-pay option in place. You'll make two payments of $179.24 30 days apart. You'll find that button just a bit further down the page. Right now, there's still plenty of time, but don't wait long. Only six seats are available, and once we hit the first of the year, the price will go up.

Click this box for the $348.48 price

"100% Risk-Free Guarantee"

If it doesn't feel right, you have my 30-day guarantee that I'll refund your payment if it's not working the way you want.

What's Going on 
With You Right Now? 

So where are you at right now? Are you clear on where your business is going? Are you on an upswing, or just holding your own. Or is there a lofty goal you're still trying to reach?

It was a revelation for me a few years ago when I realized that, while working for someone else most of my career, I really was my own brand. I would have done so much better had I taken that approach.

Maybe it's a lot to consider right now, but think about this. Where would you be tomorrow, if your customers knew today that they liked what they saw in your business.

Where would you be tomorrow if your customers saw your business today as the answer to their needs? And where would you be tomorrow if your customers knew today they could confidently rely on you to deliver your promise?

All of that, all those capabilities, are functions of your Brand. On the BYBW weekend we'll start to build your Brand to the high standards needed for those things to start happening with greater regularity.

Click the button below right now to connect with my two-pay option.

Two easy payments of $179.24!
Start with the first now, and the second in 30 days.

"100% Risk-Free Guarantee"

If it doesn't feel right, you have my 30-day guarantee that I'll refund your payment if it's not working the way you want.