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"There comes a time
  when each of us must: 
  Find our Balance."

Rick Stecker

Director, Grounds to Grow Coaching

"When your moment arrives, and the light is on you, will you be prepared?" 
From: Make Choice like a Champion, by Rick Stecker
"There comes a time when the curtain pulls back, the lights go on and your moment arrives. In that critical instant, your future shows up and demands a decision. What you choose to do in the seconds that follow 
will change your life."

In my book, Make Choices like a Champion, I describe that key moment that comes to us all, when everything is on the line, and you must make a choice. 

Sometimes those moments are obvious. Sometimes they're obscure. How will you know? The answer is: You may not. 

My first such moment came during college, and I didn't know. A professor surprisingly called me aside to encourage me to be a writer. Within minutes, I was choosing to change my major, which started me toward a great career.

Years later, when someone from personnel told me that, because of a buyout, my career in corporate communications was over, I pretty much knew. But the choices I made after that resulted in years of struggle.

My experience tells me that when those moments arise, you can neither stop them nor avoid them. They will find you, and when they do, having someone to help you stay balanced can mean everything. 

A Coach Can 
Make a Big Difference.

When my college career was on thin ice, I had the advantage of a perceptive professor who coached me toward a solid and exciting profession. I never looked back.

When I was told I no longer had a position doing the very thing I used to build that profession, I had no one to advise me on the best coarse of action. I had trouble looking ahead.

The true value of a coach, adviser or mentor cannot be determined by improved income, strategies, or promotions. Those things do happen, but the real success comes when you discover how to apply your best self to every situation.

Who would I trust...

 As an agent, I spend a lot of face-to-face time with my clients.  So, I ask myself, "Who would I trust to put across the table from  my best client when they could use help?" There are only two I can think of, and Rick is one of them, and the only one who's a coach. When it comes to listening, he takes the time. When it comes to content, he explains and educates. The words trust and integrity are used often these days, sometimes carelessly, but in Rick's case they are earned.

Kevin Malovrh, Director
Advantage Insurance Services of Wausau

I Can Help You 
Make that Difference !

I've coached business owners and entrepreneurs toward new horizons. I use my own experiences, and the teaching and training of expert coaches, to help my clients think beyond their borders and act with confidence. 

Maybe you're puzzled by how things are going. You might ask yourself: 
> Did I do the right thing? 
> Is there something I missed? 
> I enjoy what I'm doing, but what's holding me up?

You know how it's a struggle to stay consistent. At the end of the day, do your wins outnumber the losses? Has it been hard to hold on to a winning record? Is it time to change direction?

I've been in those situations, and I figured out a solution. I built that solution into this unique Finding Your Balance one-to-one coaching series.  

Presentation inspiring...

 I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated  your  presentation. It was nothing less than inspiring and  energizing!

Dr. Robin Baker, BS, DC, DICCP

Baker-Borski Chiropractic

Choose Now to Claim 
The Success You Envision

Success is all about making good, clean decisions that keep you gaining ground toward the goals you've envisioned. Working with me, I can help you:
> Bring your business into balance,
> Set goals that pull you foward,
> Create a dynamic future vision.

This Next Part is Important !

You'll receive an initial no-cost strategy session designed to map out the direction we take together. And y
ou'll choose the series of sessions that will get you on the way to your goal. 

I tailor my Finding Your Balance series to the individual needs of my clients, starting with as few as four sessions to as many as needed to cover the ground. I discount my prices according to the number of sessions and my clients' needs. 

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