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About Rick & Grounds to Grow

"Take time to sit back and discover  your true  excellence. Your success  depends on it."

Rick Stecker, Director 
Grounds to Grow Coaching

I Found my Path

My first on-the-job identity was as a reporter for a daily newspaper: “More Jimmy Olson than Clark Kent, and no Superman.” 
There followed a few years as a petty officer in public affairs aboard a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier. "You learn a lot about self reliance on a rolling deck."
What came after was more than 25 years as a PR practitioner and promotion writer in corporate communications on both national and international levels. "I felt successful and secure, but a problem was looming."

During that time of exchanging my expertise for a paycheck, I saw it as the 'grand experience.' But that experience came to a quick and very troubling end with a corporate buyout. "Didn't see that coming."

I found myself suddenly in search of a renaissance at a late stage in my career. Fortunately, the search became a discovery process that led to a brand new identity, that of a professional coach.

Growing into a New Role

Along the way, with each new position and skill set I took on, I discovered inner capabilities that were previously undeveloped. It gave me a whole new perspective on personal performance.
Grounds to Grow Coaching took shape out of a growing understanding about what it takes to reach new levels of excellence. I discovered I could deliver that wisdom to those who were hungry to grow.
If you are in business, as an employee or entrepreneur, you know how difficult it can be to stay consistent and keep balanced. I know the problems; I've been there. But I have the solution.
I do this through my unique performance programs that help you discover more of your personal excellence. Working with me, you'll gain a new awareness of your abilities and how best to apply them. 
Whether the ideas we discuss will be new for you, or you've already done some work in their direction, you'll want to consider my strategies as the 'igniters' that will spark your thinking to new levels.

Let's Put the Package Together

For the past seven years, I  have helped my clients move forward with both their businesses and their personal lives, two elements that are intricately tied together. 

True balance comes from developing harmony across both areas. I focus my programs primarily on business performance, but there's ample opportunity to talk about the personal picture. 

Yet I know there are those who would like to step back and take a longer look at what I do before they decide whether I can help them. 

To give those interested in taking a look one more avenue to connect with my information, I took the core of my content and rolled it into my first book: "Make Choices like a Champion."  

You'll find it helpful to check out my book, available on Amazon.com and Kindle. Inside, I talk about the three key factors necessary to fuel the activity of every business person: 
> Know who you are, 
> Know what you believe, 
> Know why you do what you do.

My goal is that those who find value in my material can find a resurgence in productivity, efficiency and attitude. That alone gives me a great deal of personal satisfaction.

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